Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kaze no Stigma

Today, I'm going to jump right in.  Today I am recommending Kaze no Stigma. Ayano is the heir to the Kannagi house, a family of fire magic users(En-Jutsu).  Four years ago she  defeated her second cousin Kazuma for the right to be the family successor. His defeat caused him to be banished from the family.  Four years later, he comes back to Japan as a wind magic user(Fu-Jutsu) making him the black sheep.  Around the same time a string of murders in the Kannagi family happens.  Ayano believes Kazuma did it, and Kazuma keeps looking guiltier and guiltier. In the mess of things Kazuma's brother, Ren, gets kidnapped. Kazuma is innocent of the crimes.  So Ayano and Kazuma(for money) team up to save Ren.  What a cool story!

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